1. Instructions for delivery service
After using the promo code, each order can enjoy free shipping on purchases of HK$600 or above. If the purchase amount is less than HK$600, a HK$50 shipping fee will be charged.

2. Delivery Scope
Hong Kong area only (except non-service areas such as Lantau Island, etc.).


3. Delivery Service Instructions After placing an order, how soon can I receive the product?
After receiving the payment, we will deal with the packaging and delivery as soon as possible. The shipping colleagues will call you within 3-5 working days to arrange delivery. Special products such as discount packages will be delivered within 10 working days.
(Please note that the final delivery time will be arranged by the shipping colleagues)

When receiving the goods, please sign on the receipt to confirm. Please open each box carefully and count by the number of packages/pieces. If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible for follow-up. For the convenience of transportation, the goods have the opportunity to be re-packed and sealed with the original sealing tape.


4. Special Delivery Arrangements
4.1 Special arrangements for delivery services under the novel coronavirus epidemic