1. How to join Aiababy Store Credit Reward?
Aiababy Members ONLY!! - Members automatically earn store credit when shopping; if you are not yet a member, ACT NOW~~

2. How to earn Aiababy Store Credit?
If order value is less than $600, every $100 purchase can get $1 store credit ; upon purchase of $600 or above, every $100 purchase can get $2 store credit (means 2X Store Credit)

Note: value less than $100 is not entitled to any store credit ; not applicable to Infant Formula

You will receive an email notification after every successful purchase. The email will include the amount of store credit you earned, your store credit usage code and its expiry date, and the store credit can be accumulated




3. How to use Store Credit?
Enter the store credit code on the checkout page, only one code can be used for each purchase

> video demonstration

4. Can I choose the amount of Store Credit to apply on each purchase?
No, the store credit needs to be used at once; while you can decide whether to use the store credit in this purchase

5. How to check the balance of my Store Credit?
Log in to your account, click the "Coin" icon on the bottom right corner of Aiababy's homepage, and check your balance on the following page

6. What is the expiry date of my Store Credit?
The expiry date will be 1 year after the store credit is issued, you will receive such detail in each of the email notifaction, the expired store credit CANNOT be used and WON'T be issued again

Check the expiry date of each batch of Store Credit in the email titled as "Aiababy 購物金賺取通知"

*Note: Store Credit earned in different period has different expiry date


7. Will my Store Credit be refunded if order is cancelled?
Cancellation of specific items: The value of the specific goods will be refunded to related credit card/Alipay/WeChatPay, etc. used for payment

Whole order cancellation: Related amount will be refunded based on the initial payment methods to your store credit/credit card/Alipay/WeChatPay, etc. used for payment

8. How long does it take for the earned Store Credit to appear in my account?
The store credit will be automatically updated within the same day; if you are paying through bank transfer, you will only be awarded the store credit after the payment is fully settled

Terms and Conditions 

  • Store credit has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash in any way; store credit cannot be sold, purchased, assigned or transferred
  • Store credit reward is an exclusive system for members, members must check out in the logged-in state in order to receive store credit
  • Use the store credit before the expiry date, the expired store credit will not be issued again
  • Members should properly manage their personal account and password. Aiababy will not refund or transfer any store credit used by correct account and password to any third party or members cannot require Aiababy to convert store credit into cash or other gifts
  • Aiababy is not responsible for compensation when the store credit information is lost and the default is beyond Aiababy's control
  • Aiababy reserves the right to change, modify or terminate this activity and the agreed terms at any time. If members have any disputes over the store credit reward, Aiababy reserves the right of final decision