『Bebefood』Soy Sauce

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Product Features: - Suitable for 10 months or above - Clean and safe soy sauce made with 100% soybean cultivated in Korea - Bebefood Soy Sauce¨ made with domestic sea salt after removing bittern and 3 years of aging process, has plenty of natural minerals with less sodium. - Fermented solution of green tea is added on. Green tea has plenty of catechins which are potent antioxidants. - To improve ones health, we used oligosaccharide which helps bifidobacteria boost propagation in the intestines with low calorie content. - Children will enjoy it, as traditional food of soy sauce, due to its pleasant flavor caused by extracts of vegetable, leek and concentration of sea-tangle. - You will enjoy a specific flavor of traditional soy sauce made by blending soy sauce, that has been fermented for a year in the earthenware pot, with 3-year-old tasty soy sauce, based on the traditional fermentation technique. - Contents: 180ml - Made in Korea

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