『Real Cotton』Pure Cotton Pants (L / XL / XXL size)

尺寸: 大碼 30片


✓ Size L 30pcs: Suitable for weight 10-14kg ✓ Size XL 26pcs: Suitable for weight 13-18kg ✓ Size XXL 20pcs: Suitable for weight >17kg ✓ USA Pure Cotton Inner Cover, soft and comfortable,suitable for sensitive skin ✓ Upgraded moisture absorption ✓ 3 - steps Power Absorption™ 1. 100% instant absorption 2. Quickly and tightly lock moisture inside absorbent core, up to 12 hours dryness protection 3. Preventsleakage ✓ Easy-Fit elastic stick Waistband, can expand up to 2 times of the original width ✓ 360 degree Air Cover, drawsaway stuffiness and moisture, minimizes burden to baby skin ✓ Urine Alert Line, changes from yellow to green whenwet