『Real Cotton』Newborn Diaper Dry Tissue set

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『Real Cotton』Newborn Diaper Dry Tissue set include: 1) 『Real Cotton』Pure Cotton Diaper (Size NB 50pcs) - 1bag 2) 『Soondoongi』Premium Natural Dry Tissue (160pcs) - 1bag 3) 『Soondoongi』Premium Natural Dry Tissue (30pcs) - 1bag 4) 『Soondoongi』Lohas Baby Wipes (20pcs) - 1bag 5) 『Hug』Baby Aloe 100 Soothing Gel 40ml x 1pc Real Cotton Pure Cotton Diaper ✓ Suitable for weight ~4.5 kg ✓ USA Pure Cotton Inner Cover, soft and comfortable, suitable for sensitive skin ✓ Upgraded moisture absorption ✓ 3- steps Power Absorption™ Step 1. 100% instant absorption Step 2. Quickly and tightly lock moisture inside absorbent core, up to 12 hours dryness protection Step 3. Prevents leakage ✓ Easy-Fit elastic stick waistband, can expand up to 2 times of the original width ✓ 360 degree Air Cover, draws away stuffiness and moisture, minimizes burden to baby skin Soondoongi Premium Natural Dry Tissue ✓ Non-irritating ingredient ✓ No additives, fluorescent bleach & heavy metals ✓ Hypoallergenic, ideal for newborns and up ✓ Inhibit bacterial growth, safe to use ✓ Made of supreme quality Korean Clara, no fluff left after use ✓ Soft & comfortable, best for cleaning baby's delicate skin ✓ Wide range of uses, can use as wet or dry ✓ 100% Natural Rayon ✓ Size: 200*210 mm(+-5mm) ** 160’s pack softmate pouch is included per bag, you can put some dry tissues inside the pouch when you go out. Soondoongi LOHAS Baby Wipes ✓ Made of natural materials ✓ NO alcohol, pigment, chemical perfume, fluorescent bleach, formaldehyde ✓ Hypoallergenic, ideal for newborns and up ✓ For face, mouth & body Hug Organic Baby Aloe 100 Soothing Gel 40ml Contains exclusive and patented baby aloe, 100% natural ingredients. Certified with BDIH International Organic & Natural Cosmetics, from raw materials to production are strictly regulated, which can bring the purest natural care to the baby. 6 Functions: ✓ Highly moisturizing ✓ Soothing itching ✓ Anti-allergic ✓ Repair & reinforcement ✓ After Mosquito bites treatment ✓ Hot, after-sun treatment Application: Eczema tends, sensitive, dry, itchy, sweat rash, diaper rash, milk thistle, sunburn, mosquito mites, saliva rash, etc. Suitable for newborn babies, children, adults, and pregnant women