『ChuChuBaby』 PPSU Milk Bottle 150ml

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PPSU Milk Bottle : PPSU is a new plastic material. It does not contain any Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (Environmental Hormones- a total of more than 70 types including BPA). PPSU milk bottle have a high service temperature up to 180°C. All common bottles Sterilization methods (boiling, steaming or solution sterilizing) can be used with PPSU milk bottle. Silicone Nipple : Make of silicone, durable and comfortable for repeated use. ※Milk Flow varies according to baby's sucking power, closed with on sucking force and milk flowing with baby's sucking force. ※One Size is OK, suitable for different age of babies ※Prevent chocking when no sucking ※ No milk leakage while feeding or when milk bottle is tilted ※ Minus cut air hole balance air pressure automatically